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Take your business to the next level.

Are you relying on hope to expand your revenues and reduce your hours?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your small business? Working too many hours for too little pay? So focused on the daily headaches, you aren’t even thinking about how to correct the course long-term?


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Don’t worry. You are not alone! Every new (and veteran) business owner struggles with this very same challenge. Fortunately, there are tools and processes to seize your initiatives, take control of your business, and take control of your life.

Just ask C.T. Knabusch, Jr.

C.T. (Chuck) has spent his entire adult life in “operations,” managing everything from supply chains to production floors to systems integrations. His 30+ year career has ultimately revolved around taking charge, fixing systemic problems, and delivering lasting results for business owners.

Chuck has distilled all his expertise into this easy-to-read book, designed for leaders of small and medium sized businesses.

Author Bio

C.T. Knabusch, Jr. is the founder and principal of 13Ten Business Solutions, LLC.

He spent nine years in the US Army, seven active and two in the Michigan Army National Guard, leading teams to install and maintain communications for division-level units and was instrumental as one of the first to deploy digital, cellular communications and later training his National Guard unit on its intricacies and application.


He then spent twenty-eight years in various positions and functional departments supporting operations in a large multinational manufacturing company working across numerous sites and facilities in throughout the United States, Canada, and Thailand.

Since then, he has founded his consulting firm, 13Ten Business Solutions, LLC. While his initial client had been his former employer (with whom he helped establish multiple manufacturing sites in Mexico and improve their productivity), Chuck works to support and assist various leaders, businesses and organizations improve their operations resulting in bottom line increases, and more time.

He now resides in southeast Texas (SETX) with his wife and regularly commutes to southeast Michigan to visit family and friends. He is available for business consulting and coaching to help business owners, leaders and managers run their businesses before their businesses run them!

For more information or to reach out to me, please feel free to visit:

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