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Reference below for past appearances, podcasts, articles, and mentions of 13Ten Business Solutions, LLC. 

Events & Engagements

Events 13Ten Business Solutions, LLC. Has Participated In

Monroe County Chamber of Commerce Business Summit - Key Note Speaker - December 2, 2022

University of Toledo: Neff College of Business and Innovation & Family Business Center - Book Signing - December 6, 2022

Vidor (Texas) Chamber of Commerce - Ribbon Cutting - February 17, 2023

LSCPA SBDC - Women of Integrity Mentoring Group - Key Note Speaker - March 28, 2023

Greater Orange (Texas) Area Chamber of Commerce - Ribbon Cutting - May 16, 2023 

SBDC Small Business Symposium | Lamar State College Port Arthur SBDC - September 12, 2023

Podcasts & Web Appearances

Listen or Catch a Glimpse of 13Ten Business Solutions, LLC. in Action

Culture of Leadership Podcast Guest:

Uncover the secret to running a thriving and efficient business by harnessing the power of process enhancement. Join us as we engage in a stimulating discussion with Chuck Knabusch, an esteemed authority in the field and the author of "Hope is Not a Business Strategy." Chuck's invaluable insights and practical guidance transform our understanding of business processes. Under his tutelage, you'll discover how to perceive processes as a series of steps meticulously designed to consistently deliver outstanding products or services, and how adopting this perspective can profoundly enhance your business landscape.


The Louis and Kyle Show Podcast Guest:

Chuck Knabusch is a business consultant and author of Hope Is Not A Business Strategy, How To Take Control Of Your Business So It Won't Take Control Of You. In this episode, we discuss:

📅 The Importance of Planning and Project Management

🎓 The Illusion of Expertise

🤔 The Value of Outsourcing Decision Making

🚹 Understanding People and Building Corporate Efficiency

⚖️ Helping Small Business Owners with Work-Life Balance

⏰ Time Blocking To Manage Chaos

🧠 Using Psychology to Increase Productivity

🔄 The Importance of Repeatable Processes




Sage Thought Leadership: Thought Leader - Chuck Knabusch on his book Hope Is Not A Business Strategy (via Apple Podcasts):


Chuck Knabusch - After serving 9 years with the US Army and 28 years in Corporate America with a multi-national, multi-billion-dollar manufacturing company, Chuck founded 13Ten Business Solutions, LLC and wrote the book, Hope Is Not A Business Strategy: How To Take Control Of Your Business So It Won’t Take Control Of You. He now works to support and assist business leaders and organizations improve their operations resulting in bottom-line improvements, and giving them back more time. Outline 

            •          Chuck’s book, Hope is Not a Business Strategy. 

            •          Working with contractors and setting expectations. 

            •          What is a strategy? 

            •          What are some questions that you might ask to help people articulate their values?


 I'm listening to Sage Thought Leadership Podcast | Thought Leader - Chuck Knabusch on his book Hope Is Not a Business Strategy on Podbean, check it out!


Deep Leadership hosted by Jon Rennie (via Apple Podcast):


Today, I’m joined by Chuck Knabusch. Chuck helps us understand the challenge of taking control of your business. He is the founder and principal of 13Ten Business Solutions. He spent over 9 years in the Army and National Guard and more than 28 years in various operations roles in corporate America. He is the author of the book Hope Is Not A Business Strategy: How To Take Control Of Your Business So It Won't Take Control Of You. I’m excited to have him on the show to talk about how to take control of our businesses.


 I'm listening to Deep Leadership | #0201 – Taking Control Of Your Business with Chuck Knabusch on Podbean, check it out!


Yeukai Business Show: Episode 507: Chuck Knabusch | The Power of Collaboration:...(via Apple Podcast):


In this episode, Chuck Knabusch provides valuable insights into Collaboration, including the importance of clear communication and soliciting feedback to make improvements for better working conditions and more efficient work processes.

So, if you want to know more about Collaboration, tune in now!

In this episode, you'll discover:

·          The importance of clear expectations and goals in collaboration

·          How does communication play a role in collaboration?

·          What can be gained from collaborating with others?


 I'm listening to Yeukai Business Show | Episode 507: Chuck Knabusch | The Power of Collaboration: Connecting Experts to Build Success on Podbean, check it out!


The Tyler Wagner Show (via Apple Podcasts):


Chuck Knabusch, who is here to discuss the relevance of planning, underlines the need of having a clear and actionable business strategy. He contends that optimism alone is insufficient to develop a successful firm and that entrepreneurs must have a solid plan in place if they are to meet their objectives.

 I'm listening to The Tyler Wagner Show | Chuck Knabusch : HOPE IS NOT A BUSINESS PLAN | The Tyler Wagner Show #1082 on Podbean, check it out!



Lead To Succeed with Rebecca & Callum Jenkins (on Apple Podcast):


Get ready to take back control of your business and become the leader you were meant to be! 

In this episode, our guest and author Chuck Knabusch shares his 28 years of corporate operational experience, as well as a wealth of knowledge from his time in the Army and National Guard.

Chuck gives practical insights on how to stay in control of your business, rather than letting it control you. We discuss the importance of setting standards, planning effectively, optimising your processes, and improving communication to increase the success of your small business.

Don't miss out on this practical and informative discussion that will help you take your leadership and business success to the next level.

 I'm listening to Lead To Succeed | #112 How To Increase Your Opportunities For Success | Chuck Knabusch on Podbean, check it out!


Win Make Give with Ben Kinney (via Apple Podcasts):

Join Bob and Chad as they talk with Chuck Knabusch and learn ways to remove hope from your strategies and be more purposeful about the results you are reaching towards.




Can’t Stop The Growth with Chad Peterman (via Apple Podcasts):

This week's special guest Chuck Knabusch shares his perspective on helping leaders build their teams.  

 I'm listening to Can't Stop the Growth | CSTG 127: Interview with Chuck Knabusch on Podbean, check it out!


LeadTalk with Dr. Gerald Amanda and Shilpa Joshi (via Apple Podcasts):


Are you looking for ways to grow your business in a sustainable way ?

And do you want to rethink the business to make it the most winning experience for you?

Are you ready to bulletproof your business in the recent times of uncertainty?

If you answered yes, then this episode with Chuck Knabusch will be a delight for you as he shares his personal journey with open heart…

Serving 7 years in the military, running an efficient operation in his 28-year career at a multi-billion-dollar manufacturing company, Chuck managed over $80 million budget and oversaw their logistics division. Despite his firm experiencing a devastating tornado, Chuck was able to maintain 100% production and save them $35 million dollars a year in operating costs.

As an international bestselling author of the book “Hope Is Not A Business Strategy”, he helps business owners across the globe gain solutions for useless meetings, missed customer deadlines, stretched budgets and lack of time for personal life. Currently he is the owner and CEO of 13TenBusiness Solutions LLC.


In this episode we will be learning from Chuck about:

Chuck's life journey through military service and corporate America, how his mindset shaped him as an effective leader. What sets him apart from other consultants and advisors out there. How to bulletproof your business in uncertain times followed by exploring his solution-focused leadership style Important teachings and insightful takeaways from Chuck's life experience that can help you make the most in any business climate! Whether you're a seasoned Business owner or just starting out, this podcast is for you. Join us on this powerful episode filled with discovery and insights!

Also leave a review, and share with you friends and your colleagues!

I'm listening to LeadTalk | Episode #25:  How To Bulletproof Your Business in Today's Uncertain Times with Chuck Knabusch on Podbean, check it out!

LeadTalk YouTube:


Trench Leadership with  Simon Kardynal (via Apple Podcasts):


How can we lead more effectively? Can smaller, more bite-sized tasks help us achieve more?


In this episode, you’ll hear from Chuck Knabusch, a U.S. military veteran and best-selling author who will offer practical advice to help leaders with the implementation of clear communication and a vision that will dramatically cut operational costs, making you and your team look and feel like the rock stars that you are.

Chuck outlines how military principles can impact and inform our approach as leaders in order to manage our time and our teams more efficiently.

 I'm listening to Trench Leadership: A Podcast From the Front | E74: Solutions-Based Leadership featuring Chuck Knabusch on Podbean, check it out!


Executive Coaching with Dr. Katrina Burris (via Apple Podcasts):


Chuck Knabusch is the founder and principal of 13Ten Business Solutions, LLC. He spent nine years in the US Army and learned key processes that the military could help run an efficient operation.

You come from a background in Manufacturing what are some principles of lean manufacturing that non-manufacturers could implement to improve their processes? What did you learn from the military that you can apply to the business world? It is safe to say that most people are too busy and, thus, their leadership suffers because of it. What are 1 or 2 principles that you cover in your book, that could help the average person? What have you found to be the most challenging leadership challenges?


Chuck Knabusch spent twenty-eight years in various positions and functional departments including IT, Materials, Quality, Logistics, and Manufacturing Operations at La-Z-Boy Incorporated, a multi-billion-dollar manufacturing company working across numerous sites and facilities throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, England and Thailand. He managed $80 million dollar manufacturing operations.

Since then, he has founded his consulting firm, 13Ten Business Solutions, LLC. He has spent decades helping business leaders and managers gain solutions for useless meetings, missed customer deadlines, stretched budgets, and lack of time for their personal life.

I'm listening to Excellent Executive Coaching: Growing Your Business and Enhancing Your Craft on Podbean, check it out!




High Impact Leaders with Doug Staneart. (via Apple Podcasts):


In this episode, I interview Chuck Knabusch, author of the book Hope Is Not a Business Strategy. Chuck is an expert on management skills, and he helps small businesses create processes to grow into big businesses. 

Chuck's background was as an executive in a huge company. He spent his entire adult life in “operations,” managing everything from supply chains to production floors to systems integrations. His 30+ year career has ultimately revolved around taking charge, fixing systemic problems, and delivering lasting results for business owners.

Chuck has distilled all his expertise into a few simple ideas designed for leaders of small- and medium-sized businesses. In the interview, he gives advice on organizing time better, dealing with too many emails, how to deal with not having enough budget for a job, and much more.

  I'm listening to High Impact Leaders | Hope Is Not a Business Strategy with Chuck Knabusch on Podbean, check it out!




Financial Survival Network with Kerry Lutz (via Apple Podcasts):


You can’t control everything that happens in life, which makes having a backup plan that much more important. Here to talk about the significance of planning is Chuck Knabusch, a bestselling author and leadership expert helping to guide other leaders through the planning and execution process. Chuck discusses strategies for planning within a business—suggesting that it is best to plan for the unexpected and run through scenarios that haven’t occurred yet. Attaining outside perspective is also a key component of this process so that you can be sure to consider all possibilities and prepare yourself. Listen in for more tips so that you and your business can be ready for whatever comes your way. 

 I'm listening to Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network | The Power of Planning - Chuck Knabusch #5701 on Podbean, check it out!

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