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Welcome To 13Ten Business Solutions, LLC

Innovative and tenacious, results-driven management with outstanding leadership abilities, skilled at implementing lean manufacturing / operating methods and leading change in competitive environments.

Highly accomplished business development strategist with demonstrated success driving productivity to grow revenue and implement continuous improvement.

Solution-focused leader proficient at reducing cost and utilizing resources to meet time-critical deadlines. Implement change in operations and systems to optimize productivity and improve value and profitability.

Excellent communicator with relationship-building skills for collaborating with individuals from diverse backgrounds and at all levels of the organization.

Sound analysis and decision-making abilities complemented with strong problem solving skills as well as the talent to identify and develop innovative and creative opportunities and solutions for improvement.

“Hope is not a business strategy” is my key planning and executing mantra.

Key areas of competency:

  • Team Recruitment, Development & Deployment

  • Strategic / Tactical Planning & Implementation

  • Production Capacity & Resource Allocation

  • Multi-functional Collaboration / Leadership

  • Complex Program / Project Management

  • Integrating Systems & Process Solutions

  • Product Quality, Cost & Benefit Analysis

  • Optimizing Financial Performance / ROI

  • Performance Improvement & Metrics / Change Management

Example of results from application of skills:
• 100% on time delivery of scheduling requirements met, enabling production to start on time while ensuring staff safety by managing project planning through severe storm watch.
• 8% cost improvement achieved within six months by implementing 5S, VFM, Cellular Manufacturing, and Lean Principles within production facility.
• $25+ million operating cost reduction realized by managing development and implementation of Cellular Manufacturing.

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